Illustrious Kew; a suburb defined by rich history and filled with relics of the past.

Kew is within the clan territory of the Wurundjeri-willam people, who lived here for thousands of years before the first settlers arrived. In February of 1803, NSW’s Surveyor General Charles Grimes was conducting a systematic investigation of the shores of Port Phillip, when he found his progresses stopped by the obstruction now known as Dight’s Falls. Such was the discovery of Studley Park and ultimately the suburb of Kew. Naturally rich and desirably positioned on a hilltop, it was clear this destination would become a viable township and place of residence.

Some years later in 1846, the first plot of land, which would eventually become part of Willsmere Estate, was purchased by Mr Thomas Wills. In 1856 the post office was established and by 1860, a municipality had been claimed. Over the next fifty years, infrastructure and amenity continued to develop, including Alexandra Gardens and many of the heritage mansions found here today. In 1910, with a population of 2,100, Kew was finally proclaimed as a town.

Cafes and Restaurants
  1. Adeney Milk Bar
  2. CRU
  3. Dawson
  4. Frank & Harri
  5. Hiatus
  6. Kitty Burns
  7. Kuche
  8. Kupid Espresso
  9. Mister Bianco
  10. Now & Then Cafe
  11. Ocha Japanese Restaurant
  12. Ora Kew
  13. Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe
  14. Sardi Cafe
  15. Studley Grounds Cafe
  16. Willo Cafe
  17. Willsmere Station
Shopping and Produce
  1. Cable Melbourne
  2. Coles Kew
  3. The Flatiron Label
  4. Frey
  5. Laurent Bakery
  6. Leo’s Fine Food & Wine
  7. Oscar & Wild
  8. Tahlo
  9. The Common Good
  10. The Woodsfolk
  11. Three Birds Bakery
  12. Toscano’s of Kew
  13. Woodfrog Bakery
  14. Woolworths Kew
Parks and Recreation
  1. Abbotsford Convent
  2. Alexandra Gardens
  3. Bellbird Park
  4. Collingwood Children’s Farm
  5. Kew Tennis Club
  6. Lyon Housemuseum
  7. Studley Park Boathouse
  8. Willsmere Kitchen Garden
  9. Willsmere Park
  1. Carey Baptist Grammar School
  2. Genazzano College
  3. Kew East Primary School
  4. Kew Primary School
  5. Methodist Ladies’ College
  6. Preshil Primary School
  7. Ruyton Girls’ School
  8. Trinity Grammar School
  9. Xavier College
  1. 48 Tram Stop
  2. Kew Junction
  3. Glenferrie Station
  4. Hawthorn Station